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Appmization is a Unity game development company that turns ideas into real-world and industry-leading projects - interactive solutions that are enjoyed by millions of active gamers. Our Unity game development services cover the most demanding requirements - cross-platform, high-resolution graphics, cutting-edge technology. We use our vast experience in this engine to capture the imagination of players in 2D, 3D, VR and AR games and bring maximum benefits to our global customers.



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We Specialize in Unity Game Development Services

Our Unity game developers are renowned for the skills and knowledge that enable us to create the ultimate gaming experience with the most creative solutions. Engage new players with our professional services!

Game Development on Unity

Unity is one of the most cutting-edge game development platforms that offer all possible modular tools to deliver interacting and engaging 2D and 3D games. We use Unity to produce games of high revenue potential and flawless performance on mobile, web, PC, or console.

Game Art & Design

Our Unity gaming company has a wealth of experience in the development of 2D/3D game art, character and environment design to dramatically improve the user experience, allowing players to simply enjoy the gameplay. Our goal is to combine visuals and gameplay features to enhance the story's meaning.

Game Porting

It is no longer necessary to create games from scratch - make your games run on any platform with our team. We specialize in game porting services to make existing Unity games available on multiple platforms - iOS, Mac, Windows, online, or in PC and vice-versa with the same functionalities.

We Develop Games for These Platforms

Embracing game development on most popular platforms and reaching the attention of players with a wide variety of preferences is one of our main features.

Mobile Game Development

We have rich experience of developing games for Android and iOS mobile platforms, we implement the most creative ideas for each project. Our developers focus on a clear interplay of features and functionality of games for the best user engagement.

PC Game Development

Our game developers create games of various genres for personal computers (with porting to Windows and MacOS). We realize each idea to its full potential providing end-to-end game development solutions - from concept development to coding and testing.

Web Game Development

Our team of web game developers uses specially designed game mechanics to attract and capture an audience that loves to play games on the Web. We offer 100% customized services from idea development to final game releases.

Console Game Development

Our company has extensive experience of our game developers on all major console platforms - Xbox, Nintendo, PS4. Due to the best practices and methodologies in Unity and Unreal engines, we successfully complete all game development projects.

VR Game Develpopment

Appmization has entered into the gaming industry to plunge players into very exciting and realistic game environments. With innovative technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) helps us realize very entertaining ideas. Our teams are totally involved in creating VR games.

AR Game Development

Appmization developers use cutting-edge AR technologies to turn unique and creative gaming ideas into exciting and futuristic games. We strive to use all our experience and creative solutions to provide our customers with competitive and best AR game development services.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Qualified Support & Wide Unity Expertise

Our Unity game developers are involved in the full cycle of the game life cycle: creating, testing, fixing, maintaining, updating, changing game features. Along with our extensive expertise in game development, we are a Unity game company responsible for planning and implementing the overall game functionality and ensuring the high quality of the finished product.

Multi-Platform Game Development on Unity

At Appmization, you're not limited to one option, like developing mobile games with Unity. Our team of skilled Unity developers builds games that are compatible with all possible platforms (PCs, consoles, web). Fortunately, this technology and our experience allow us to perform this task at the highest professional level.

Graphics Based on All-Round Artistic Vision

We focus on the artistic side taking into account all the technical limitations of a particular platform for which the game will be developed. To get users interested, you need to show them stunning visuals with hyper-realistic environments and characters. We will create these small details and immediately incorporate them into your game.

Game-Сhanging Experience in AAA Projects

The workflow that we build in our Unity game development company is based on our experience gained through partnerships with world-famous game publishers - Epic Games, FoxNext, EA. We strive for open communication between our clients and the team, as well as quick project adaptation. Our team is always ready to listen to the client and present new gaming capabilities.

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Full-time Hiring

Hourly Hiring



What Is Unity Game Development?

Unity game development is a complex process that covers, mobile, PC and console, VR and AR development of games on the basis of the Unity platform. It offers a robust and well-developed ecosystem that is highly appreciated by developers globally. For comparison, 52% of mobile app development is powered on the basis of the Unity engine, 60% of VR and AR, and 99% of all indie games.

Unity has various tools, features and constant updates to its developers in store, which helps in producing high-loaded games with extreme resolutions and great performance. Moreover, the platform is free, agile, and, hence, resulted in the emergence of a strong user's community.

As it is cross-platform, its operational systems range from iOS to PS4, as well as from Windows Mixed Reality or Android TV ones. Unity makes it possible to develop both simple and complex games, as it is highly scalable.

As much as world-open the platform might be, it lacks a lot of useful features. So, developers often take it on to program a new one, specifically for their project requirements. However, since Unity allows for language scripting, this task is easily accomplished by well-experienced developers.


What Are the Stages of Unity Game Development?

Building a Unity game development workflow is not easy to tackle, it is complicated with different obstacles, should it be code flaws or concept gaps. Yet, there is a standard set of development stages necessary for successful game production and launch.

Pre-development and scoping: Integral steps include concept creation, which is defining the idea, drawing a storyboard, ascribing core features to a game environment, characters, special effects. The main logic of the game must be set up before it falls into a development stage. An end product of this stage is a complete prototype of a future game.

Development stage: Unity game content can be generated on different operational systems so that the development workflow will be split into work steps accordingly. They might as well include language scripting, developing necessary Unity features, UI and UX design and QA testing.

Release: This stage involves working with focus groups and testing a game so to say on the field before an actual release. The performance is analyzed together with user behavior. Thus, if any flaws are spotted, it is thrown back to the development stage for further improvement. In case, when received results are positive, the game will see the world.


How to Hire Unity Game Developers?

Hiring for Unity game development services demands a strict understanding of the game concept and operational frontend and backend specifics. We have structured recommendations from our recruiting managers to facilitate a recruiting process at your company.

Unity developers include VR and AR, mobile, PC or other console developers. Get familiar with the skills needed specifically for the platform you want to build your app on or entrust it to a company with extensive expertise in game development.

The person you are looking for must have hands-on experience with 2D or 3D design depending on your needs. Check if a hire is proficient at 3ds Max/Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop and Quixel Suite - 3D skills-set, as well as UI and UX design skills. A game developer will be also versed in C#, and, for sure, the Unity engine.

With Unity game development, a hire's portfolio plays a crucial role: game genres and scopes. Remember that not every 3D designer can operate on Unity, it's a complex platform that needs sophisticated developing skills. If you are still doubting which professional suits best for your project, you can count on Appmization - we will find the best match for your requirements.


Why Outsource Unity Game Development?

Why do companies tend to choose outsourcing Unity game services over building up an in-house team? What a decade ago was considered to be risky, today is self-explanatory and efficient for any company in any domain.

An initial push to outsource developing services was high costs and an immense lack of talents in the native country. On the contrary, globalization and an opening market of booming developing countries, like Ukraine or Belarus, for instance, attracted by its professional and enthusiastic IT Unity game developers at affordable prices.

Not only the costs became appealing, but also the level of management sophistication in these countries. The hiring process, project management, foreign language skills of developers became highly competitive and altogether good reasons to shake hands with an outsourcing company.

The reasons to extend your game development department or hire a team in Ukraine are numerous. The recent policy and overall market conditions have laid the ground for industry booming, emerging of highly skilled developers, designers and artists, reasonable and comparatively low costs and, in general, favorable business infrastructure.